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Quip will participate for the third time in AIRTECH Fair, 25 - 28 Nov. 2010

brings you the future of the Compressed Air Industry in the Middle East. You will see various ranges of latest technologies, accessories and you will have an opportunity to interact with the worldwide leading producers. Experience the very latest Air Compressors Technologies, Accessories, Equipments and Ideas at AIRTECH. Between the manufacturing countries in Europe, USA, The Far East and the importer countries in The Middle East and Africa
What we do?
Providing professional mechanical & electrical solutions with latest technology in record time to meet our customers’ unique requirements.
We & our partners set a pace for innovative technology solution that meets the needs of the clients.
We have become a vital ingredient for providing the clients with the appropriate solutions for them, as we understand their need, define the required solution to meet it, design, develop and finally install the solution to achieve the best satisfy of the clients through technology-proven methodologies.