Quip originates back to the year 1978 where Mr. Mohmed Khalil, Mr. Magdy Khalil and Mr. Effat Ahmed founded their first company (El Salam for Spare Parts). El Salam specialized in supplying and installing spare parts for machines, loaders, and the likes. By the early 90’s the partners had developed a new concept of manufacturers’ support and business control; and that was the beginning of their flourish.

In 1991, they founded El Salam Engineering Equipment, known today as QUIP. The new company opened more horizons, specializing in supplying, installing and maintenance of complete compressed air stations, and in less than 3 years QUIP had achieved outstanding results.

By 2006, the El Salam QUIP had expanded into the Middle East market opening its first branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, known as Jossour.

Today the group has become one of the leading companies in the field of engineering solutions In the Middle East Market and soon to be seen in Dubai.